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Brand : Icom Marine

marine commander


System Overview The MarineCommander™ is Icom’s marine navigation system,which integrates various marine modules such as a fish finder, marine radar, AIS and VHF transceiver into the...

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marine radars

Marine Radars

TFT MARINE RADARS MR 1200-RII MR 1200-TII MR 1200-TIII 12.1 inch TFT Radar with AIS Overlay Function Features Three types of scanner units MR-1200RII : 36NM range, 4kW radome scanner...

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HF Marine Transceiver

HF MARINE TRANSCEIVER IC-M802 Advanced DSP Marine SSB with Compact Remote Head Features Wideband receiver coverage (0.5-29.9999MHz) Large dot-matrix display One-touch e-mail access bu...

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REMOTE-CONTROL MICROPHONE HM-195B/SW Full Control 2nd Station Capability for IC-M506 or M424 Remote-Controller head for IC-M400BB Features Full control 2nd station capability for IC-...

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